How do you attract traffic to your website?

Search Engine Optimization 

S.E.O. is essentially the process of how your content is ranked on the search engines. Ranking is a critical component of creating traffic; the better you are ranked, the more traffic you can potentially obtain. The key is to understand how to rank better than your competition… after all, more traffic can translate to more business.

So lets jump into the “how” of SEO…


The title of the searched queue will be the first thing the consumer will see and every action thereafter is based off on the words you use in your title. You want to make these accurate to the link your audience members will be forwarded to, and not just something that’ll real them in.


The description will be immediately after the title. Here is your chance to describe not only what’s to come in said content but to also go into further detail of what the title mentioned. You want to be careful what words you use as well, because this is typically your last opportunity for a potential consumer to take the actions to land on your website.


Keywords and tags will be on the back end of websites and will not be shown directly on web searches. However, these same search engines use the keywords and tags as a way to rank your site according to what an audience member may be searching for. These are just as important as the title and description of said search and should not be forgotten.

The Search Demand Curve

Let’s take a google listing for example.  You type in “Marketing” in the search engine and you come across a couple billion search engine results matched to the term “marketing”. Everything that has the word “marketing” attached to either the title of the link or the links description below the title, will show up.

Now image you type in “Real Guy Marketing”, well since you have typed in more search terms (“real,”guy”, and “marketing”) more specific to what you are looking for, Google narrows down the available options to choose from.

This in a nutshell is the search demand curve and how it works.

Is there a way to increase search engine results without having a website?

What is Google My Business?

A way for business owners to have control on what prospects see when they search their given business name on Google. This is operated by Google themselves – hence the name Google My Business. You can upload pictures, recent product or service offers, upcoming events, blurbs to articles, links to other online platforms, as well as many other things. (This is most ideal for businesses that have existing websites, but again, you can use Google My Business without one.)

Why optimize for Google?

Studies have shown that Google as a search engine dominates the competition as far as daily users, searches results, activity, etc. If your business is not being found on Google you are leaving a lot of money on the table. 

  • Google – 92.51%
  • Bing – 2.44%
  • Yahoo! – 1.64%
  • Other – 3.41%

Looking for web hosting?

Think of website hosting as the technical support for your website. Website hosting provides software, security, support, and ban width that connects your website to the internet. Something as valuable as your website should be protected at all costs. 

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