Congratulations on finalizing your idea for a product or service that you will bring to the market!

Since you’ve identified who you are marketing to, it should be rainbows and sunshine from here on out, correct?

Unfortunately, there is more to know before you start catering your idea around the prospect.

Let me explain…

Let’s say there are two companies: company A and company B. Both are selling weight training courses.

Company A has not devoted much time into market research and begins to market to only the prospects age, gender and the problem they are facing.

After a short while company A realizes they are having an extremely hard time selling their courses and barely make any money. Eventually leaving them with two options either change up their strategy or go out of business…

Whereas, company B goes above and beyond what company A does. They study not only who the prospect is but how they think, what kind of challenges they face on a day to day basis,  what role models/ professionals they are influenced by, what kinds of things they value, what potential goals they have in mind, their prospects marital status, number of children they may have, where about in the world they live and the demographics of said location, what their occupation might be, their specific job title, how much education/experience they may have under their belt, what books/ magazines they read, what websites they might visit, their annual income, the list goes on.

Considering company B has devoted countless hours figuring out every main component to their ideal prospects, they are now at an amazing spot to finally begin the marketing process.

Everything Company B should do next in their marketing has been calculated beforehand so they know the correct angles to go about selling their product. They sell tons of courses and their business begins to boom!

If you want to get to a point where you can sell what your company has to offer, you have to know everything about your ideal prospect… and I mean EVERYTHING.

In fact, what makes an excellent marketer simply excellent, is the ability to convey their messaging perfectly to their prospect to turn them from cold traffic to a raving fan.

Imagine how you might feel if someone were to read your mind, the in’s and out’s of every problem and every thought. You might begin to think they would have the solution for you if they tell you exact word for word how you are feeling and what you are facing.

Additionally, if you can understand the prospect more than they do themselves you will have an even higher potential for them to pay you for your services.

If you have not already devoted time into figuring out every little detail on who your ideal prospect is, don’t beat yourself up too badly now, a lot of businesses actually struggle with this… However, that doesn’t mean you need to stay in the same position you are in now.

If you are seeking professional help deciphering the in’s an out’s of your ideal prospect its time you contact us at Real Guy Marketing today.

Our insights might even be the thing that helps you scale your business faster… you’ll never know, unless you give us a call. 😉