Why is it entrepreneurs try so desperately to make it easy for customers to hire them, when they should be making it more difficult?

Now bear with me here and I’ll explain…
Most entrepreneurs have no way of filtering potential clients so they accept any and every person who responds to their advertising, their online marketing and referrals of all kind. They’ve made it way too easy to attract the wrong customers.
There is no mechanism, no funnel, nothing to separate the good customer from the bad customer.
They have an “everyone is welcome” policy. Not good…not good at all.
Yup, there’s always a but.
And this but is the fear entrepreneurs have of making it more difficult for clients to hire them.
They think turning away business is bad. No, turning away bad business is good.
Entrepreneurs need to start understanding that not every customer is client worthy and not every sale actually makes them money.
Creating an attitude, or an atmosphere, that not every person who calls, visits, emails or texts you is qualified to be your customer will allow you to pick and choose who your clients are, while eliminating the hassles of dealing with negative, toxic or unscrupulous characters.
-Rob Anspach