Online Funnels

In essence, a sales funnel is the buying process of converting prospects into customers.


The type of traffic source you are advertising to means the difference in what kind of marketing campaign you are incorporating. Once you know what each of them are, you are that much closer to having a more successful campaign.



So let’s jump into it…


Top Of Funnel (cold traffic)

Cold traffic is when you have a prospect that knows nothing about who you are or what you do. You have never had prior connection with this person and your brand awareness at this point is none. Cold traffic is the hardest to sell to.

If you are lost looking for how to get started with finding cold traffic, these links below may help.

Turning frustrations into sales

Have you ever experienced some type of frustration in your life? Have you also ever wondered how certain companies just seem to fix that problem you are having after you buy their product or service? This is prevalent in every type of industry and something even you can take advantage of.

Diving deeper into your target market

If you want to get to a point where you can sell what your company has to offer, you have to know everything about your ideal prospect… and I mean EVERYTHING. In fact, what makes an excellent marketer simply excellent, is the ability to convey their messaging perfectly to their prospect to turn them from cold traffic to a raving fan.


Middle of Funnel (warm traffic)

Warm traffic is a little easier to sell to compared to cold traffic. The prospects that fall into this category are ones that may have heard of your brand or what you are about but have never bought from you. Brand awareness at this point has gotten better. The prospects are beginning to warm up to the idea of listening to your message and eventually buying from you.


Bottom of Funnel (hot traffic)

Hot traffic boils down to two different types of people. The first type of person that is considered “hot traffic” have opted into your campaigns, know all about your product or service, are ready to purchase from you… and the second being people that have already purchased from you. Those same people will forever be marked as hot traffic, unless you approach them with a new product or service or retarget them in another way.


Repeat Customers

Repeating your customer base time and time again is arguably the most important part of keeping a thriving business. You may even have customers now that can’t stop talking about how great of a company you are, bringing you high quality referrals, and/or even helping you expand your company every chance they get. These people are in love with your product or service… but that does not mean they will be forever. 

Email Tip:

If you haven’t contacted your subscriber base in some time, don’t make the first returning email a marketing piece unless you want a high delete ratio or labeled as spam.

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