Imagine you create a product or service for your company. Now imagine you go to the social platforms and try as hard as you can to create buzz around the product or service and still are not creating the traffic you projected for.

What would you do? Give up?

Fortunately, for you there is a way to flip the script and stop chasing people down, begging and pleading for them to look at you. If you have the right knowledge, they will in fact come to you.

How is that possible? Well, it begins with understanding SEO and how the search demand curve works.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO is essentially the process of how your content is ranked on the search engines. Ranking is a critical component of creating traffic; the better you are ranked, the more traffic you can potentially obtain. The key is to understand how to rank better than your competition… after all, more traffic can translate to more business.

So lets jump into the “how” of SEO…

There are numerous things to be aware of when utilizing SEO, the two main things are SEO keywords and SEO descriptions.

The title is basically the headline of that piece of content and the description follows the title just below.

Let’s take a google listing for example.  You type in “Marketing” in the search engine and you come across a couple billion search engine results matched to the term “marketing”. Everything that has the word “marketing” attached to either the title of the link or the links description below the title, will show up.

Now image you type in “Real Guy Marketing”, well since you have typed in more search terms (“real,”guy”, and “marketing”) more specific to what you are looking for, Google narrows down the available options to choose from.

This in a nutshell is the search demand curve and how it works. If you take a notice to this articles picture you will notice a section labeled. “Fat Head” These keywords are as basic and the least focused as they come; which was our example “marketing”. As you begin to add more search terms to the given search you start entering into the “Chunky middle” of the diagram. When these searches are made they are more specific to the exact thing you are actually searching for. For this example, we said “real guy marketing”.

…And what happens if your search results aren’t precise enough to which you are seeking an appropriate solution for?

Simply just keep typing words according to said topic or search until the perfect match becomes available. This is where %70 of all searches are; in the “long tail” section of the graph.

For this example we could say. “Real Guy Marketing – Traffic” and see if our desired match comes up. If what we were looking for was “What to know about cold, warm & hot traffic – real guy marketing” the search has been successful.

Again, If it doesn’t show up, we may keep typing in words or even exchange the words with others for the search we are seeking.

The more specific you can make your keywords and descriptions the easier it will be for your desired prospects to find you. Remember they may not just be typing a single word or two but more or less a phrase or sentence. This will be different for all business’s and niches and it is good to develop an idea in mind for what your prospects want to search before finalizing the SEO for said content. In other words, your SEO should be tailored to which your prospects will be seeking it.

If your SEO is lacking the more specific “long tail” keywords and descriptions you may want you analyze what you are doing now and how to make it more narrowed down. The more narrow typically the better.

If both of these topics, confuse you, or frankly you would like more insight into your specifc niche’s market, the professionals at Real Guy Marketing are here to guide you through that process.

So like we said, instead of begging for your prospects attention day in and day out hoping one day they will take notice to you, you can finally flip the script and have prospects flow to you.

When you are ready to make that switch we will be around to take your call.