5 Questions To Ask Yourself For The Future

Where are you at in life? You could be thinking about what job you want to have and what career you want to build. Or, you may be wondering if you fit in at your job and how much longer you want to spend working. No matter where you are in life you should ask yourself these five questions to help guide you down your career and business path.

  1. What am I doing this for?

Some people have no idea why they are at their current job. Some people just want the money. However, it is important that you are learning no matter what job you are currently working. While some pessimists say they do not learn anything and hate their work, learning experiences are in any job. Communications, teamwork, and customer service skills are applicable to nearly any job. Make sure you are getting more out of your job than just a paycheck.

  1. Why do I still pursue my dreams when things get tough?

Everyone has a dream about the life they want to live. What excites you? What makes your heart sing? These are important questions to ask yourself when life gets hard. Some jobs are just part of the avenue to success. Others are meant to teach us a lesson even if we leave after a short period of time. All of us have something that we love and a dream that makes us tick. If your work is not helping you achieve your dream, it may be time to evaluate your situation. When things do not go your way, always remember your dreams, and picture your end goal.

  1. Who am I helping?

People feel the most connected to their work when they are helping others. Even if you are working an office job with no direct communication to the customer, try and envision the end customer you are helping. However, if you cannot make this connection, you may consider a job change or take the entrepreneurial route to help.

  1. Where do I want to be in the next ten years?

It is important to have an end goal in mind. While the actual time you give yourself to accomplish your goals is up to you, having a vision helps give you something to work towards. Long term goals are important to help envision where you want to be in life. Short term goals are great to give a consistent sense of achievement when a goal is accomplished. Envisioning your future and creating a timeline to get there can be the difference in achieving your vision or not.

  1. When will I be happy with my life?

This question is by far the most important yet most complex on the list, because the answer is different for everyone. Your business life may be going smoothly, but the home life may be the opposite. Focusing on the business life, if you enjoy your job and feel fulfilled every day when coming home from work, you may have found your perfect fit. For those of you who are unhappy, try and experience different things. You may not have found your dream career. However, it is never to late to make a switch that makes you happy and enhances your quality of life.

-Justin Henson