The type of traffic source you are advertising to means the difference in what kind of marketing campaign you are incorporating. Once you know what each of them are, you are that much closer to having a more successful campaign, so let’s jump into it…

Cold traffic is when you have a prospect that knows nothing about who you are or what you do. You have never had prior connection with this person and your brand awareness at this point is none. Cold traffic is the hardest to sell to. Examples of this would be: someone cold calling you, receiving mail from someone you’ve never met, random ads you might see on social media, etc. (blog posts, social media updates, lead magnets, content videos, podcasts, quizzes/surverys, etc.)

Warm traffic is a little easier to sell to compared to cold traffic. The prospects that fall into this category are ones that may have heard of your brand or what you are about but have never bought from you. Brand awareness at this point has gotten better. The prospects are beginning to warm up to the idea of listening to your message and eventually buying from you. Examples of this are: articles you’ve written, multiple advertisements the viewer has seen of you, (people who have opted in to your email list, people who have visited your website and have been pixeled, Facebook fans, Twitter followers, Youtube channel subscribers, etc.)

Hot traffic boils down to two different types of people. The first type of person that is considered “hot traffic” have opted into your campaigns, know all about your product or service, are ready to purchase from you… and the second being people that have already purchased from you. Those same people will forever be marked as hot traffic, unless you approach them with a new product or service or retarget them in another way.

Hot traffic examples: events, paid webinars, done for you services, high dollar offers, etc.

When most businesses start off, they are primarily in the cold traffic marketing phase as far as their prospects are concerned. As more and more people understand who they are they, their prospects slowly move into a warmer phase, and soon in the hot traffic phase.

It is also important to understand the benefits of each traffic temperature.

Cold traffic is where you get your most new leads. These new leads can eventually help create you more business and more business growth.

Warm traffic is where you have begun filtering out the tire-kickers from the prospects that are practically frothing at the mouth for a piece of your product or service. This is what makes warm traffic easier to sell to than cold.

And last but not least, we have hot traffic. Hot traffic is not just the ones who pay for your product or service but also your lifestyle. These are the ones who have jumped through the hoops to get more of what you have to offer. Hot traffic also gives the biggest profit margins to help you reinvest in your business.

In the most ideal situation, you would want to create a campaign where the hot traffic are constantly coming back to your company or brand, at the same time cold traffic learns who you are, and warm traffic becomes more invested into your company.

In the marketing world we call this a sales funnel and before proceeding forward onto what’s next, it is important to understand which traffic source your desired prospect will be residing in and the type of marketing plan to attract those said prospects.

If you are having a difficult time figuring out how to turn cold traffic into mouth-watering, hot traffic fans, its time you contact us. We specialize in helping scale businesses and it all starts with a fantastic marketing campaign. Give us a call at (717)746-8320 to learn more.