Before jumping into spending money on ads there’s a few things to keep in mind.

Types of searches – Paid traffic (paid search) and organic traffic (organic search).

Organic traffic is when people either come across your content by searching for you, or by your content naturally reaching them.

Paid traffic is when you pay money in order to put your content in front of someone’s face.

Although there are pros and cons to both organic and paid search, we always suggest to people that are running ads to also have a stream line of potential audience members coming from organic sources long before running ads. This could include apps like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, correctly optimized web pages on the internet, people you talk to in person, etc.

The upside to doing it this way is you get a chance to test the creative posts that you have made and see what works and what doesn’t.

Is the content of your posts emotionally stimulating your audience by relating to their pain or problems? Are your pictures, posts and videos meeting your view standards? How do you make it better?

That’s unfortunately a downside to launching paid traffic campaigns… You don’t always know what will work. With organic traffic, money isn’t being thrown down the drain just to get an idea if something is working.

You don’t want the only way to gather leads is by spending money.

You also want to gather leads WITHOUT spending money.

And YES, you can obtain copious amounts of traffic without breaking or even touching the bank.

If you are in this situation where the amount of leads being presented to you aren’t enough for your business to stay afloat that you have to blindly go to paid traffic, first thing I’d recommend to do is to STOP.

Stop throwing your money down the drain in hopes to capture a lead. Most likely you’ll spend more money than necessary and no one wants that.

In fact, we see most beginners doing this exact thing and It pains us to see.

There are definitely easier ways to capture leads than you may realize…

We can even teach you how.

Give us a call at (717) 746-8320 and let’s get you back on track to making your organic traffic lively again…

So if one day you want to go the paid traffic route your business will be in a better position to effectively do so.

Remember, it all starts with optimizing organic traffic first and then lead into paid traffic, if need be!