After you have been in the digital space for some time you may recognize people starting to gravitate towards who you are and/or what you have to offer as far as products or services may go.

The question being asked today, which one is better for growing your career or business? Having tons of followers or having tons of customers? Having lots of followers and only a few customers? Or having lots of customers and only a few followers or is it a mixture of both?

The key to answering this question lies in how you are seeking to monetize what you have so far and how that plays into effect with the outcome you want to achieve.

Person 1: Let’s say this person has been consistent on social media for a few months now and has a total of 500 followers. Let’s also say at this time in their growth they haven’t been trying to sell anything or make money off of it, they just post the content they want and that’s it. People are attracted to them as a person and people stick around for what they may have to say, which there is nothing wrong with it itself. The problem with this is there is no ROI when it comes to money.

If you are in the same boat as this person and want it to stay this way, by all means continue with what you are doing, however you could also be bringing in extra cash by learning how to monetize your following.

Person 2: This person also has been consistent on social media for a few months now but has only collectively gained 450 followers in the time it took person 1 to gain 500. Although person 2 has less followers as person 1, they learned how to monetize their following as they were building their audience. Not only were people consuming their content but in one way or another helping person 2 financially as well.

For example, let’s imagine person 2 turned 10% of their 450 followers into monthly reoccurring buyers paying $20 a month per person. That’s $900. $900 more than what person 1 was able to achieve and $900 more per month they can use to reinvest in their business or however else they please.

Yes, some could argue that since person 1 has a bigger following there is more potential for higher income, but since they aren’t correctly monetizing their following that potential doesn’t matter one bit.

Like previously stated the key is not how many followers you have but learning how to maximize the monetization of your following and slowly increase the percentage of reoccurring buyers to followers.

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