We were asked the other day by a youtuber starting off: “What is one thing I can do to build brand awareness on youtube?”


Although there are plenty of marketing tips and tricks you can apply on youtube to increase the awareness customers have with your brand, today we would like to narrow it down and just talk about youtube endscreens and calling cards.


What are they and why are they useful?


Once you have created a channel and uploaded your video to youtube, before making the video live, you have the option of adding youtube generated call-to-actions (CTA’s) to your video.


These specific CTA’s are the boxes you may see on videos when the videos are just about over (endscreens) or the white text bars you see pop up in the right corner of a video as its being played (calling cards).


These Call-to-actions vary from subscribing to your channel, being forwarded to another web link (such as your website), being taken to your channel itself, promoting another channel, and clicking on another video or playlist to watch.


This is directly related to the basic idea of brand awareness. Brand awareness in the simple act is created by bringing your companies product or service to a viewer until they can clearly identify the product or image that you represent.


By giving your viewer options during and at the end of your youtube videos you enhance the potential brand awareness that you are looking to have. By including a subscribe to your channel button you make it more aware that you are looking to gather subscribers. By adding a web link, you give the viewer a chance to checkout your website and more of your social media pages. Adding a channel button can help transport the viewer from just watching that video to witnessing your whole channel in its entirety… the same goes for promoting other channels too. Lastly, adding a playlist of video options helps bring up the view count if they click on it… which is just an added bonus if you are seeking monetization.


So, all in all, are they the only thing you should know about seeking greater brand awareness on youtube?


No, of course not! But they are a great start… and one we highly recommend incorporating when crafting you’re youtube videos.


If you would need more help or would like to discuss more on this topic our team of professionals will be around.