As we approach the event horizon of this site going live there are always things we want to do…but unfortunately like all things we need to prioritize.

And that my friend is probably just one of the many life lessons you will learn as an entrepreneur. Knowing how and when to prioritize.

Sure we could have given this blog some brilliant titleĀ and made it compelling with keywords and phrases that would have the search engines begging for more…but since we are real guys who understand how this “shit” operates will won’t throw out technical terms orĀ blinding summaries of some analytical nonsense. Nope, we want you to understand what our priorities are and how we go about winning our day and being successful.

Yep, prioritizing sounds great on paper, but when you actually try to do…you end up shooting yourself in the “arse” and getting hurt.

It’s not rocket science!

Take is easy.

But you must learn to give yourself priority over the day or everything you are working for as an entrepreneur is a waste.

You’re not a machine!

Learn to balance your day and prioritize your time.