Have you ever experienced some type of frustration in your life? Have you also ever wondered how certain companies just seem to fix that problem you are having after you buy their product or service?

For instance, if you are having back issues, you may go to the chiropractor for them to realign your body. You may hire a personal trainer to teach you how to get into better shape. You also might take a cooking class to learn how to become a better cook.

All of these examples can be traced back to a single need which you or someone else may be facing.

This is prevalent in every type of industry.

Regardless if you haven’t started your business yet or you have been in business for years, think about the frustrations that may come with the audience you are looking to attract.

What emotions are they conveying and how can your product or service take them to where they are now to where they would rather be?

If you can portray the exact emotion on what they are feeling it will create a connection between you and the potential consumer, which will make them feel you understand them perfectly.

Additionally, this will make you look like an authority figure in that market and people will flock to you seeking more of the answers they are looking for.